Top 5 Hangover Cures

Top 5 Hangover Cures

September 03, 2018

After a fun night of drinking a lot of us are cursed with a hangover.

Unfortunately for us, scientists haven’t quite developed a hangover pill that’s proven to work. We have tried and tested lots of hangover cures over the years and these are our go-to's after a long night out. Sure, there are some tips suggesting “stop drinking,” but what good is that when you already have the hangover from hell! So if you want to feel like a functional human again, or if you’re ready for round two, check out these suggestions.

Number 1: Stay Hydrated

Sometimes the thought of drinking anything when suffering from a hangover can make you feel worse. However, one of the main causes of a hangover is actually dehydration. As much as it may make you feel nauseous, you need to re-hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. It will help with a headache, and overall hangover feeling. A great way to start is if you have a cold refreshing glass of water. Still feel worse? Have a Gatorade, the reason for this is that your body loses electrolytes after a heavy drinking session. Restore your energy levels, and feel slightly more human. If Gatorade isn’t for you, fruit juices work great as well, as they are filled with those essential electrolytes.

Number 2: Pain Relief 

Is your head still pounding? If you take aspirin or ibuprofen, it will help take the throbbing pain away. If you can remember to, if you take aspirin before you fall asleep it can help you the morning after. Don’t worry if you forget, this trick works just as well the morning after a night out. Smoking some herb can also help with nausea and your headache.

Number 3: “Hair of the Dog”

Round two anyone? There are those (looking at you bartenders) that believe drinking more alcohol can take the hangover away. It can work if you drink in moderation, or just have one drink. Having a single alcoholic beverage can help your body to stop “crashing.” If you chose to do this, then don’t drink too heavily or the hangover will just be delayed.

Number 4: Exercise

The last thing on your mind is exercise when you’re dying from the night before, you feel dizzy, groggy and sick. But, exercise works even if it is just a short walk around the block, the fresh air can make you feel better. If you keep your body active, it will help replenish the electrolytes that you lost the night before.

Number 5: Drink Pickle Juice

It sounds gross, we know! Yet, it is an age-old hangover remedy that is becoming more popular. It has the magic power to take your hangover away quite quickly. So, if you can force down a glass of pickle juice when you first wake up, you should feel better. However, if you can’t stomach the thought stick to water and Gatorade! They can work just as well.

Hangovers aren't fun, but the night before always is! Grab a beer and YOLO because great stories never started with having a glass of milk.