3 Different Ways to Use The Knockout

3 Different Ways to Use The Knockout

January 07, 2019

When The Knockout came on the party scene it forever changed the meaning of being a party animal. Chugging a beer and smoking at the same time meant that all eyes were on anyone willing to give it a try. 




But did you know you can use The Knockout 2 other ways?


Beer Funnel

The Knockout also works as a beer funnel. That's right, no smoking necessary and no trips to the hardware store to make your own. So grab a beer and start chugging!



Water Bong

If alcohol is not your thing but you LOVE to smoke you can use The Knockout as a water bong. LPT: the Herb Bowl attachment works great for getting huge hits. 



The Knockout was designed to be multifunctional so it works for chugging drinks fast, smoking lots of herb or if you're crazy enough you can do both at the same time. See if you can master all 3 techniques!