Last Minute Gift Guide 2018

Last Minute Gift Guide 2018

December 17, 2018

These are a few businesses we can vouch for. Any one of them would delivery a fantastic gift that would make you look like a genius.


Beer Snacks International (

Give the gift of nuts! Beer Snacks International are making salty and sweet nuts to keep your good times going deep into the night. Their flavors Sweet & Spicy Malay, Sichuan, Jamaican Jerk, among others, are all inspired by spices from around the world.

-Price range:  $7 to $22

-Perk: Use the discount code "15onus" to save 15% off your order!


Vincent Gordon (

VG is a Chicago-based artist who likes to spend his summers touring festivals, smoking blunts and selling radical art. His pieces are a mix of hip hop, cartoons, acid trips, sports, and whatever he feels like drawing. If you want a piece on your wall that your friends will fall in love with, this is your chance.

-Price range:  $25 to $6000

-Perk: Free art gift added if you write "Knockout" in the comments section in the checkout.


West 4th (

West 4th are hustling to get major discounted prices on snowboarding gear from Whistler, British Columbia based companies. They are fresh on the scene and focused on getting good deals for passionate riders.

-Price range:  $15 to $80

- Perk: Use the discount code "funtokens" for 10% off


Rainbox OPTX (

California based Rainbow OPTX discovered (probably while tripping) that colored glasses can affect your mood. Wearing a different color lens instantly changes your mood and gives you a new perspective, plus they are all UV400 protected.

-Price range:  $30 to $40

-Perk: Buy 1 pair, get 1 pair free



The Knockout Co. (

Giving a Knockout to a friend is great for a few reasons. It shows that you think they are a badass. It implies that the next round is on them. AND you get to use The Knockout because of sharing. NICE!

-Price range:  $20 to $60

-Perk: Use the discount code XMAS18 for Free Shipping on orders over $25


Happy Holidays Everybody!