September 20, 2017

This is The Knockout XL, or KO-XL for short.


The KO-XL does everything the original Knockout can do, water bong, beer bong, gravity bong and a Knockout, BUT it's bigger and faster because of some nice design tweaks.

First off it's a much wider seal to accommodate a variety of containers such as beer cans, pint glasses, red plastic cups, mason jars, and anything you can fit it onto. The KO-XL is about 3 times as stretchy as the original Knockout. We wanted to make the KO-XL stretch wide enough to fit on a red solo cup and we accomplished that.

The one-way valve has been improved in a few ways. It is now a cross-slit one-way valve, that means that it is cut two ways so that it can open wider. This allows better airflow meaning faster chugging and easier toke-ability. The cross-slit valve fits directly onto the stainless steel tube which keeps it small so that it can fit into beer cans. 

We kept the minimalist design of the one-hitter bowl with the build-in screen to ensure it is compatible with the Herb Bowl attachment and any other attachments we make in the future.

Now, the most important question: How well does the KO-XL work for doing a Knockout?

FANTASTIC. We've chugged cans in 3-4 seconds. Once you're done chugging, toking is super easy because of the new cross-slit valve; it only takes a small amount of applied pressure to take the whole hit of smoke. The KO-XL takes Knockouts to the next level.