Three of the Trippiest Websites on the Internet

Three of the Trippiest Websites on the Internet

April 04, 2018

Next time your browsing the Internet, sober or after a few Knockouts, check out these websites. They are sure to bend your mind a little.


Draw space paintings

Choose a color and then click and hold your mouse to create a unique painting. Is it a universe? A capillary network? You decide.



Toss a giant gravity sphere into a virtual pool

Move a white sphere around a virtual 3-D pool of water because why not? Physics man.


Drift through space at light-speed

Touch and hold your scroll pad down and scroll up and down to zoom in and out. This one made us a bit motion sick, in a good way.


Want more? Check out the complete list of psychedelic websites at Reddit/r/TripSit (the list is in the right sidebar).