How To: Clean Your Knockout

How To: Clean Your Knockout

June 09, 2017

We all know cleaning is a hassle. That's why we made The Knockout super easy to clean. There are 2 ways you can clean your Knockout.


Option 1: Rinse Under Warm Water

Remove the one way valve from the Knockout. Run warm water through the one way valve and then the rest of the Knockout ensuring water flows through the tubes and inner parts. Let your Knockout air dry. 


Option 2: Dishwasher

Since the Knockout is made of high quality silicone and stainless steel parts it can go in the dishwasher. Simply detach the bottom straight tube and one way valve from the connector, curved tube and mouthpiece, place the parts securely in the cutlery rack and run your dishwasher as you normally would.

You should rinse your Knockout after every use and put it through the dishwasher about every 5 uses to ensure it continues working great.