Breaking Bottles FOR SCIENCE!

July 19, 2017


Ever since we came up with The Knockout we've wanted to make this video. We knew that since The Knockout is made of Silicone and Stainless Steel, if you drop it or throw it against the brick wall (as we chose to demonstrate in this video because it was more fun) the only thing that would break is the glass bottle.

We found out that certain bottle types were pretty tough and wouldn't break, they'd just bounce off the wall back towards our faces. On a few throws The Knockout would come apart and the pieces would fly all over the place. 

In the end the stainless steel one-hitter was crushed in a bit but still usable and none of the silicone pieces were damaged. The Knockout's Silicone and Stainless Steel parts were pretty resilient to breaking.

I hope Science gets something out of this video. We are fairly confident it will change the world, if not, it was a good time.