5 Things You Need for October 17

5 Things You Need for October 17

October 16, 2018

Canada is about to become second nation in the world to legalize marijuana. Make sure you have these things on hand to enjoy this momentous day:

Side note: this post is not sponsored, we just love these products!

1. Grinder

This is an essential for breaking up your flower and removing any sticks, stems or seeds that might be in there. It also helps you pack your bowl or one-hitter or Knockout evenly so it burns better and makes cleaning the ash easier. If possible don't use your fingers since THC resin will get stuck to them (boo!) and the oil from your fingers will tarnish the THC left on the bud (double boo!).

2. Something to Smoke With

There are lots of different ways to enjoy your herb; Knockout, papers, vape, joint, bong etc. each with varying degrees of complexity. Joints are pretty straight forward, just roll it up and smoke. Bongs require water and give huge hits but remember to clean them every so often. Vapes give a clean hit but like you phone, they need to be charged so keep an eye on that.

3. Rolling Tray

Nothing is worse than dropping some of your herb on the floor (do I really want to smoke cat hair?). Do everything over a rolling tray so that you can keep track of your bud. We have this one with art done by Sean Dietrich:

4. Lighter

Lighters are essential but they're always getting lost. Have a spare hidden somewhere so you're never without. We like the Toker Poker which has a hemp wick and a little poker to clear out the one-hitter on The Knockout.

5. Herb!

Make sure you have some Herb. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid whatever you like best. Grab some and smoke up to celebrate!