26 Things You Should Know About The Knockout

May 08, 2017

  1. Snoop Dogg likes the Knockout. See this.
  2. It works as a portable water bong. Got a water bottle? Got water? Got herb? Got a Knockout? A lighter? If you answered yes to these questions you’re good to go for water bong tokes.
  3. The Knockout has been featured on: Reddit, Complex, theChive, Playboy, iDubbz
  4. We won a contest on r/trees for Greatest Stoner Engineering feat.
  5. The first Knockout was made of plumbing parts. Then we refined it with some top notch designers because we didn’t think anyone wanted to smoke/drink out of things that are used to make toilets work.
  6. There is a built in screen in the one hitter. The Knockout one-hitter has a small “S” shaped screen inside to help stop your herb from being sucked into far.
  7. The record for the number of Knockouts done in one night is 5. 
  8. The Knockout can be used to do buckets. See this video.
  9. The Knockout is virtually unbreakable. The Knockout is made of food grade silicone which is very flexible and incredibly strong. Ditto for the stainless steel tubes.
  10. It can go in the dishwasher. It’s made of food grade silicone and stainless steel so it’s dishwasher safe. Just be sure all the pieces are placed securely so you don't have to go digging around for them later.
  11. It disassembles. The Knockout comes apart and fits into a small pouch about the size of a sunglasses carrier.
  12. Clear bottles show the process of doing a Knockout the best. Spectators can watch the beer exit the bottle as smoke slowly fills it.
  13. You can use the straight stainless steel tube to prop open beer bottles.
  14. When doing a Knockout make sure you can see the one-hitter, this will make it easier to light it up!
  15. If you’re new to Knockouts have someone light the one-hitter for you so that you don’t have to have too much coordination happening.
  16. The baggie that the Knockout comes in has room for a little bit of herb and a lighter. All you need is a bottle and you’re Knockout ready!
  17. Flip the beer bottle slowly to limit the amount of bubbles you will have to chug and subsequently burp up later.
  18. If you only have cans attach the Knockout to a bottle and use the mouthpiece as a funnel to transfer the beer from the can to the bottle.
  19. When using the Knockout as a water bong, you can take of the one-way valve to allow for better air flow.
  20. The Knockout fits on a garden hose to make a water gun!
  21. The Knockout was once used to chug a beer under water by attaching a plastic tube to the one hitter and keeping the other end of the tube above water while the beer was being chugged under water.
  22. You can put joints in the one hitter and smoke your joint as a water bong.
  23. Like doing keg stands? Do a headstand and have a friend hold the beer up to your mouth and flip it to let you chug.
  24. The Knockout is not just for chugging beers. It has been used to chug orange juice, water, soda and protein shakes.
  25. The creators of the Knockout once took a cross Canada road trip in a refurbished school bus to promote their product when it first came out
  26. ...that school bus was blown up with explosives.

    To Be Continued....