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Always a great product!

2md knockout purchase for my brother in law because he kept using mine. Great product !

Multi-purpose weekend starter

Miltiple use beyond the standard party starting dares. This was also my steathy bong that is compatible with any bottle. Best party purchase Hands down.

So fun!!!!


Really great.

Its good

Its a nice hitter and best used as a gravity bong.

I challenge knock out to make a vaporizer version.

Very cool

I tried this a few times and found it lived up to the hype and videos so it was awesome

A fun toy

It’s not your everyday but it’s fun to pull out at a party.

Buy it, you wont be disappointed


Best piece yet to add to the Knockout!!!

Fun device if you know how to use it!

Got one as a gift from a friend so I had to share the wealth and got one for my girlfriend's son. We both love it!

The shit

Best thing for parties.


Top drawer client service and amazingly fun bong. Item lost in the post and they very kindly resent a new one with tracking details. Very impressed. Oh, and the item absolutely does the job it’s meant to. Many thanks

Great for parties

Fun to use, easy to keep clean and store.

Great tool

A great tool that allows for a whole different experience, only issues is that when making use of the dual feature the possible backwash that comes down the pipe

Works just fine


Back to the young days of being able ti chig a beer...haha

Bad ASS Knock-Out beer/herb bong hard as F**K

Not for kids or pussies. You rip this sucker at a party and that bottles gone and panties are dropped, just ask youre mom she’ll tell ya. Suggest you hide your keys so you don’t take your Honda to the moon. If you rip it, you better be wearing a neck brace to protect that straw you call a windpipe. Yes it’s multi-featured so you’ll be flipping rips and taking hits all day. Ever wonder what it’s like to be willie Nelson and Alec Baldwin well look no further this thing will get you twisted like a bread tie. Thing is durable as hell, we lost the pieces (don’t ask how) at a rager we threw and they were lost like the seven dragon balls my guy.we found them. Caked in mud and UV blue, the KO lived to see another day.


best gadget to home partys

Best party product!

Have used it time and time again. Great novelty, brings girls around. Used it as my regular piece for a long time. Also the most indestructible piece ever.


It’s great! Easy use and clean. I just hope it came with the bowl instead of me having to separately buy it

Best purchase ever

It has gotten me hammered many times


Perfect thing to bring to a party lots of fun


Gets u drunk and high at da same damn time!

Ultimate conversation starter

Perfecr for parties. Everyone will be curious when they see it, and be blown away when its in use. And for the nights in, a great way to get a quick buzz if your running low on green if you tank a beer with the hit