Aboot Us

The idea for the Knockout was first conceived in January 2012 by two engineering grads and a pilot. It all started by building a shoddy prototype from plumbing parts. We knew we had something so we designed a 3D model and had it 3D printed. It worked great, but we knew that if we were going to present "The Knockout" to the world, it had to work flawlessly and look sick. So we hired a product design team in Ottawa to help us perfect the idea. The following 2 years were filled with market research, patents, redesigns, manufacturing and lots of "product testing".


Finally, in August 2013, we received the first ever high quality, unbreakable, sleek-looking Knockouts. We started with a bang by taking a cross-Canada roadtrip in a 37 ft long custom graffiti covered school bus (photo album). We hit up shops from Ottawa to Vancouver, putting The Knockout on store shelves across Canada for the first time. From Vancouver, we travelled across the U.S. border to Seattle to show off our product at Hempfest 2013.

We are young, ambitious and we dream big. We want everyone on the planet to know about The Knockout, love it or hate it. So if you like what we’re doing, help us out by ordering a Knockout and telling your friends about the next big thing.

Knock yourself out!