The Knockout Dab Piece

January 31, 2018

We made a Dab Piece. If you don’t know what dabbing is we suggest searching #dabbing and on Instagram for a crash course. We’ll wait...


Dabbing is basically smoking highly concentrated THC. We like the sound of that, so we designed and manufactured the Knockout Dab Piece. 

The new Dab Piece is made of Grade 2 Titanium. We chose this material because it heats up fast and holds its heat. Don't worry about damaging this piece; Titanium is highly durable. The bowl is designed to be deep enough to get big hits without allowing any concentrate to enter the inner chamber. A friction-fit allows the Dab Piece to fit onto your existing Knockout and KO-XL. The engraved branding on the end ensures that you are getting an authentic Knockout product. The Titanium Dab Piece is designed to give you a high performance concentrate smoking experience. Get yours today!