The Knockout: The Travel Pipe You Need to Have

The Knockout: The Travel Pipe You Need to Have

August 24, 2017

Your plane tickets are booked. Time to pack your bags. Just the essentials… clothes, shoes, bathing suit. You look longingly at your smoking supplies knowing that it’s going to be impossible to get you favorite glass piece through security and to your vacation spot in one piece. Guess you're stuck buying some cheap piece to smoke with when you get there.


Grab your Knockout, give it a quick clean (see this article) and you’re good to go! The Knockout keeps the good times rolling no matter what the location by giving you a high quality pipe and beer chugger that’s ready to travel. See what Brett has to say about travelling with his Knockout.

This is @brettbikes2 

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He recently took his Knockout on vacation with him to St. Maarten. “It was really easy to travel with, it's super small which makes it easy to put it anywhere and it didn't break. I put it in the front pouch of my carry on.” 

And where did @brettbikes take his Knockout? “I brought the knockout to the beach and a couple of bars in St. Maarten. The Bartenders loved it!” 


The knockout takes over St. Maarten🌴✈️🍻 @theoriginalknockout #stmaarten #theknockout #paradise

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Looks like he had an awesome time. We are jealous! When we asked @brettbikes about future travel plans he said he's thinking about doing a cruise and “...the Knockout will be coming with me!!” 

Next time you're packing up to head out on your next vacation, road trip or camping excursion make sure you grab your Knockout so you can bring the party with you.

Where will you take your Knockout?