How To: Attach the Duckbill One-Way Valve

How To: Attach the Duckbill One-Way Valve

June 30, 2017

This is probably the most important information to know about your Knockout. Attaching the one-way valve properly can help to avoid drenching your herb in beer and allows for that seamless chugging and smoking Knockout experience.

What you need to know:

The silicone duckbill valve should be attached in a way that ensures it stays on but does not remain open. Attach your duckbill valve so that it lines up with the red plastic piece at the bottom of your stainless steel tube. Don't push the valve on too far because that causes the valve to remain open and it will not work effectively.

As the beer exits the bottle, smoke is sucked into the bottle through the stainless steel tube. The one-way valve allows for smoke to move into the bottle but does not allow any beer to flow up through the stainless steel tube and get your herbs wet. The beer and smoke should not mix if done correctly. The more you know!

Grip it. Flip it. Rip it.