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WTF is a Knockout?

The Knockout is an attachment that will turn any bottle into a beer bong, water bong, gravity bong and a BEER gravity bong!
Last 420, The Knockout won the award for Greatest Stoner Engineering Feat at the r/trees Munchies Awards on reddit.
Snoop Lion announced us the winner... 



How it works

Do a Knockout is three simple steps: Grip it, Flip it, and Rip it.


1)      Grip It

Pack the one-hitter bowl, seal The Knockout on a full beer bottle and grip the beer.

2)      Flip It

Flip the beer bottle upside down and start chugging while holding the lighter up to the one-hitter.

The suction created inside the bottle will light the herbs and pull smoke into the bottle.

3)      Rip It

When the beer is done, just toke the smoke and enjoy.


Key Features

1) Perfect Portions: One beer and one hit of smoke. You can handle that.

2) Functionality: The KO has 4 other amazing uses. Check them out here

3) Portability: Fits in your pocket and comes with a sleek carrying bag 

4) Easy to Clean: Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

5) High Quality Material : Made of food grade silicone and high quality stainless steel

6) Durability: Virtually indestructible, unlike most bongs and pipes

7) Versatility: Air-tight seal with nearly any bottle



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